I was planning to have a healthy salad for lunch with all the neat products I had picked up at my organic market last Saturday. I was sorely disappointed when I opened my refrigerator to find that all my wild salads had gone totally limp. I was about to toss them out with a sigh when the thought occurred to me that though they were no longer crisp and crunchy their flavor should still be strong.

This pungent pesto turned out to be not only surprisingly delicious but also quite economical! I’ll never throw out an old salad again.


Pulse in a food blender:
Roquette, wild salad (who's name I quickly forgot), some fresh herbs : basil, mint, melisse, sage, 15 hazelnuts, sugar, balsamic vinegar, salt and olive oil
Then add grated parmesan.

Toss the pesto with roasted white aubergine, cooled pasta, spouts and two cherry tomatoes.

En français...

Pesto de salade flétrit sur des pâtes et aubergines

De la roquette, de la salade sauvage (dont j'ai promptement oublié le nom), du basilic, de la menthe, de la melisse, de la sauge, 15 noisettes, du sucre, du vinaigre balsamique, du sel et de l'huile d'olive.
Puis ajoutez du parmesan fraichement râpé.

Mélanger le tout avec quelques rondelles d'aubergines blanches rôties, des pâtes froides, des graines germées et deux tomates cerise.