20th of May 2010 : Orange salad, Chicken mole and Berry air on shortbread

"Pieds noirs" Orange Salad Peanut Chicken Mole with Chili beans A Stack of Berry air on Shortbread Merry Company      
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8th of April 2010 : Smoked salmon quiche with a fresh green salad followed by Panacotta n'chocolate pie

Smoked salmon quiche on a parmesan crust with fresh green salad Panacotta n'chocolate pie
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15th of April 2010 : Parmesan cups with celery rave mousse, Vegatable "Tatin" and chocolate and pear tart

Crispy fried parmesan cups with delicat celery rave mousse Vegatable "Tatin" (Thanks Stephanie!) with spicy roquette pesto Warm chocolat n' pear tart, yum!    
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22d of April 2010 : Mushroom risotto and Berry frangipane pie

Mushroom risotto with generous shreads of parmesan : Berry frangipane pie :  
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29th of April 2010 : David's basic and " blue" île flottantes

Oaty mix with tandori spices topped with mushrooms, omlette and bacon bits     Green tea flovored îles flottantes  
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Chicken and Mushroom Cheesecake Rolls followed by Roman treats

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D-days are very special days. They occur every thursday at the workshop. All activity stops and our attention is totally focused on enjoying:  FOOD. It all started when David, an english friend of ours, brought over a cheesecake to share with us (Stephanie, my collegue, and I) one thursday for lunch. Since then we get together every week to enjoy a very special meal.  Each of us tries to think of delicous things we could cook up. We expore, experiment, discover and mainly enjoy! Sometimes other friends join us, bringing one... [Lire la suite]
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