No matter how exited I'm for a Daring Bakers Challenge I'm always late!

I mean really... croissants!! I love them, I should have tried making them as soon as the dare was up.

But excuse after excuse has lead me to today, the day my post should be up, swearing with my hands covered with flour...and the rest of me too.

As if one last minute dare was not enough I decided to do two:

Sarah' recipe and one from the blog Foodbeam written by Fanny, a  recipe I've been wanting to try for quite some time now.

Now you're thinking that's a lot of croissants, so did I so I proceded in halfing one recipe and quartering the other

I messed up in the math...hense the swearing.

I'm going to have a lot of croisaants on my hands, I hope they're good!

I won't be providing the recipes this time since the math I did was...iffy to say the least but you can find the recipes above by clicking on "Sarah's recipe "  and "Foodbeam".


Ok, the first rise is done. I've punched down batch 1 folded it and left it to rize a second time. Batch 2 got rolled out and smothered with butter. Then the folding began!


As batch 2 was geting a second fold, this time double, batch 1 got stuck in the refrigerator while I started to pound on the butter. Once the butter was ready and the dough chilled, batch 1 got it's coating of butter and it's 2nd fold.


Batch1 gets it's second fold while batch2 receives it's second double fold.


Both batches get one more fold before being rolled out and shapped in to....Croissants!

They are set aside to rise to room temperature while the oven is heating


In they go! Juste for a short time.

Done, beautifull.

Now I can go to bed